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Kurobe Gorge 黒部峡谷鉄道 [黒鉄]  Kurobe Kyōkoku Tetsudō [Kurotetsu]     Kurobe Gorge Railway
Owner: Kansai Electric Power (100%)

Hon 本線 Non JR railway      762 mm     600V DC
Read more about the line in English Wikipedia: Kurobe Gorge Railway

TracksSingle track
Owner change1971Kurobe Electric Power Company >
Kurobe Gorge Railway
The Kansai Electric Power Company built the railway to serve the construction of the Kurobe dam, completed in 1963.
At Keyakidaira, there is a industrial railway leading up to the dam, Kurobe Senyō Railway. That line is not open to the public. More information at Wikipedia .
MapsKmStation name Official name Furigana nameConnecting linesCityPrefecture
0.0 Unazuki宇奈月うなづき Toyama (Chitetsu): Hon [Unazuki-onsen] >Dentetsu-Toyama
Kurobe-shi Toyama
2.1 Yanagibashi
Technical stop
5.1 Moriishi
Technical stop
6.5 Kuronagi黒薙くろなぎ
7.0 Sasadaira
Technical stop
9.1 Dashidaira
Technical stop
11.8 Nekomata
Technical stop
14.3 Kanetsuri鐘釣かねつり
17.5 Koyadaira
Technical stop
20.1 Keyakidaira欅平けやきだいら

Traffic notes
The railway is open from mid April until end November. At the beginning and the end of the season, the number of trains is lower.

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