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Ise Railway

Ise 伊勢鉄道  Ise Tetsudō     Ise Railway
Main owner: Mie prefecture (40%)

Ise 伊勢線 Non JR railway      1067 mm     Non-electric
Read more about the line in English Wikipedia: Ise Line

Opened1973TracksDouble trackKawarada - NakasekoTracksSingle trackNakaseko - Tsu
KmStation name Official name Furigana nameConnecting linesCityPrefecture
(1) -6.9 Yokkaichi四日市よっかいち JR Central: Kansai hon >Nagoya
Yokkaichi-shi Mie
(2) -3.7 Minami-Yokkaichi南四日市みなみよっかいち
3 0.0 Kawarada河原田かわらだ JR Central: Kansai hon >Kameyama
Yokkaichi-shi Mie
4 3.8 Suzuka鈴鹿すずか
5 7.0 Tamagaki玉垣たまがき
6 9.1 Suzuka Circuit-Inō
7 11.1 Tokuda徳田とくだ
8 12.7 Nakaseko中瀬古なかせこ
9 14.0 Ise-Ueno伊勢上野いせうえの
10 16.4 Kawage河芸かわげ
11 19.4 Higashi-Ishinden東一身田ひがしいしんでん
12 22.3 Tsu JR Central: Kisei hon >Kameyama >Shingū
Kintetsu: Nagoya >Kintetsu-Nagoya >Ise-Nakagawa

Other lines used by this service
Traffic notes
There are special trains to/from Suzuka Circuit-Inō, as well as extra stops for some Rapid and Limited Express trains, at racing events.

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