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Sagano Scenic Railway

Sagano Scenic 嵯峨野観光鉄道  Sagano Kankō Tetsudō     Sagano Scenic Railway
Owner: JR West (100%)

Sagano Kankō 嵯峨野観光線 Tourist      1067 mm     Non-electric
Read more about the line in English Wikipedia: Sagano Scenic Railway

Closed for normal traffic1989TracksSingle track
In 1989, the curvy route of Sanin Hon line along the river between Saga-Arashiyama and Umahori was replaced by a new shorter route.
In 1990, most of the old route was opened as a scenic tourist railway.
MapsKmStation name Official name Furigana nameConnecting linesCityPrefecture
0.0 Torokko Sagaトロッコ嵯峨とろっこさが JR West: Sanin hon "Sagano line" [Saga-Arashiyama] >Kyōto >Tottori
Keifuku: Arashiyama Hon "Randen line" [Randen Saga] >Shijō-Ōmiya >Arashiyama
Kyōto-shi Kyōto
1.0 Torokko Arashiyamaトロッコ嵐山とろっこあらしやま
3.4 Torokko Hozukyōトロッコ保津峡とろっこほづきょう
7.3 Torokko Kameokaトロッコ亀岡とろっこかめおか JR West: Sanin hon "Sagano line" [Umahori] >Kyōto >Tottori

Traffic notes
The line runs from March until December.

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