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Skyrail Hiroshima Tankyori Kōtsū Seno

Skyrail Midorizaka

Skyrail スカイレールサービス  Sky Rail Service

Hiroshima Tankyori Kōtsū Seno 広島短距離交通瀬野線 New transit system           440V DC
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AliasFrom - To
Skyrail Midorizaka Midoriguchi - Midori-chūō

Opened1998TracksDouble track
If you mix a suspended monorail, a people mover and an aerial lift - than you will get the Skyrail. The driverless gondola-sized cars move by an attached cable.
The official Japanese name means "Hiroshima Short Distance Transit Seno Line". However, the common name is "Skyrail" or "Skyrail Midorizaka".
Ichiban page about the Skyrail   

MapsKmStation name Official name Furigana nameConnecting linesCityPrefecture
0.0 Midoriguchiみどり口みどりぐち JR West: Sanyō hon [Seno] >Kōbe >Hiroshima
Hiroshima-shi Hiroshima
0.7 Midori-nakamachiみどり中街みどりなかまち
1.3 Midori-chūōみどり中央みどりちゅうおう

Skyrail Midorizaka スカイレールみどり坂線
Real line nameFrom - To
Skyrail: Hiroshima Tankyori Kōtsū Seno Midoriguchi - Midori-chūō

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